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This policy applies to all websites operated by Hero Gaming Limited, including Simple Casino.

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What are cookies?

Cookies are a tool to help your browser remember your information on the site, making it easier to give you the content you want. At the core, they are just small bits of text and numbers that are downloaded to your device.

What do we use the cookies for?

Cookies are a vital part of the everyday functioning of a lot of online content. Cookies help your browser to remember information, and identify you as a user, so that we can keep you logged in. Cookies also help prevent fraud, for example by detecting fraudulent deposits from the same computer, and just to enhance your overall experience by showing you content that is suited to you.

We do not, nor do companies we work with, sell personal data collected from cookies to other companies. When data is transferred to third party, it is done in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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